Residential ant Control

One of the most commonly reported pest problems is ant infestation. Ants are small scavengers that can enter your business or home looking for a source of food. Damp or rotting moldy wood in addition to cheese, grease, sugar, or other types of food can attract various types of ants. Ants can enter homes through tiny cracks or holes, and once inside can quickly become problematic.

It is critical to properly identify which species of ant you have in order to eliminate them most effectively. Four types of ants most common to the United States are the following:

Carpenter ants grow to about 5/8” long. They can be a threat to your home or business because they are known to damage damp or solid wood, which they remove in order to build their nests.

Red imported fire ants grow up to 3/8” in length. They build large nests and can deliver painful stings.

Pavement ants are approximately 1/8” long. They generally build their nests in pavements and can infest homes or businesses.

Pharoah Ants: are about 1/16” inch long. They are frequently found in nursing homes or hospitals and can transmit infections such as Staphylecoccus and Psuedomonas. Pharoah Ants also invade most types of residential and commercial buildings.